Annual Subscriptions

Since Patreon has yet to give me the ability to let Patrons sign up for an annual subscription, I decided I would set it up myself. All the tiers are the same as what is on Patreon (, and have all the same perks except for the "earned swag".
If you do sign up for the annual subscription on here, and Patreon finally gives me the ability to offer annual subscriptions, I will give you the choice of continuing this subscription, or switching over to Patreon. If you sign up on here, please make sure to inform me on Discord that you have done so so I can get you the proper access on the Discord server.

All prices are shown as the monthly cost, but are charged at the year rate.

Choir Member = $12/Year
Altar Boy (or girl, or enby) = $60/year
Disciple = $120/year
Layleader = $300/year
Cardinal = $600/year

$1 per month

ALTAR BOY (or girl, or enby)
$5 per month

$10 per month

$25 per month

$50 per month